Fields Find

fields-find-mainThe Fields Find Project area lies approximately 425km north-east of Perth in the Murchison Province of Western Australia covering an area of roughly 400 square kilometres between Paynes Find and Golden Grove.

The project area is within the Warriedar Greenstone Belt located in the eastern portion of the Yalgoo-Singleton Greenstone Belt. The low grade amphibolite facies metamorphosed greenstone sequence comprises layered mafic and ultramafic units which is surrounded and intruded by the Fields Find Layered Intrusion consisting of poorly exposed granites, and porphyry dykes which also forms the core of a large southwest plunging fold. Intermediate to mafic tuffs, BIF and dolerite form the western portion of the Warriedar Belt.

The Fields Find Project has a long history of gold mining dating back to the turn of the century and hosts the historic mining centres of Fields Find and Pinyalling.