Minjar Gold Pty Ltd Enters into Management Agreement with Shandong Tianye Group Bid Co Pty Ltd (STG) for the Southern Cross Gold Mine Operations

Shandong Tianye Group Bid Co Pty Ltd and Minjar Gold Pty Ltd have entered into a Management Agreement for the operations at the Southern Cross Gold Mine.

The Management Agreement provides Shandong Tianye Group Bid Co Pty Ltd with the appropriate skills and capabilities from a Board, Executive Leadership and Support Services perspective, which are being utilised to manage and assist with the support of the ongoing Southern Cross Operations.

This means that the Board and the Officers of Minjar Gold Pty Ltd will oversee and direct the Southern Cross Operations going forward.

Please direct all enquiries related to this matter to Julie Kingsford

Media contact:  Julie.kingsford (at) minjargold.com.au


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