Golden Dragon

Minjar MillThe Golden Dragon Project is located in Western Australia’s Mid-West, approximately 350km north-east of Perth and 260km east of Geraldton and operates on fly-in/fly-out basis commuting from these two cities, with company charter flights of approximately 45-60 minutes.

The Golden Dragon mine was discovered by Normandy during the 1990’s, which was purchased by Gindalbie Gold in January 2000, who completed further exploration, feasibility study,  construction and commissioning of the processing plant and mine in December 2001 with continuous production for 2.5 years with operations being suspended in June 2004.

minjar-main-02Gindalbie Gold sold the project to Monarch Gold in July 2006 who undertook desktop regional targeting project. Then Golden Stallion Resources purchased in February 2009 and Shandong Tianye Gold Mining Co Ltd become a major shareholder of Golden Stallion Resources in August 2009 and in September 2010 gained 100% control.

The Golden Dragon mine was recommissioned in January 2010 with trial production through to May 2010 and continued exploration and mine planning. The Golden Dragon mine has been commercially operating since late 2013 and in that time produced 2 tonnes of Gold (62k ounces).